A smarter electronic insurance application

Apptical’s LiveApp is the industry-leading e-application solution for online insurance underwriting. Taking the best methods for applicant qualification and leveraging the advantages of web-based speed, LiveApp streamlines the entire process, cutting costs and saving valuable time for both you and your clients.

LiveApp is changing the way insurance companies do business. With the elimination of errors, lowering costs and risks, you will quickly see the merit of LiveApp and the substantial value added to your bottom line.

There’s no faster, more accurate way to complete an application for any insurance product. Because LiveApp provides electronic (not paper) applications, every step of the process is literally streamlined for maximum efficiency.

With LiveApp, you no longer have to wait days for confirmation. Instead, complete and instantly send your electronic applications on any state-approved forms. It’s that simple.


E-Applications Completed to Date


Load instantly and securely the correct state-approved application from Apptical’s website right to the computer of the agent, who types the data rather than writing them by hand. Once completed, the application can be electronically sent back, without unnecessary delays.

In Real Time

No other company comes close to matching the high availability of LiveApp’s representatives. Phones are answered within an average of 30 seconds, up until midnight (Eastern) on weekdays and 8 p.m. on weekends. No more agent “phone tag” or missed callbacks to confirm information on the application!

Improved Accuracy

Human error is significantly reduced, if not totally eliminated. Unlike handwritten data that can be misread, typed data are clear, legible and in good order. If vital data are skipped on LiveApp, they’re flagged in red to ensure that the application is completed correctly.

More Consistent

Unlike a hard copy of a handwritten application, a LiveApp application can’t be lost or forgotten in a briefcase. It doesn’t need to be faxed or mailed. Fewer hands touch an electronic application, so the process remains seamless and consistent, time after time.

Reduction in Nondisclosure

E-applications have proven to dramatically reduce nondisclosure rates compared to traditional paper applications.

Cost Savings

Reducing the processing time results in greater savings. Because the agent enters the data, the insurance company’s data-entry personnel can be redeployed.

Both home-office and sales agents agree that LiveApp is the must-have solution for completing insurance applications in this highly competitive marketplace.