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Through the power of Apptical®‘s Predictive Underwriting Rules Engine (PURE®), you can underwrite and approve an individual — in record time — for a new life insurance policy. Your sales-acquisition approvals, which once took days or weeks, are now reduced instantly to a real-time, TRUE point-of-sale decision.

By using PURE, a life insurance rules engine, in conjunction with Apptical’s SoundDecisions® and LiveApp® software platforms, you dramatically reduce the time to complete the application, obtain other needed information and make consistently intelligent underwriting decisions. In short, PURE greatly enhances the quality and quantity of new business your company writes.

PURE users gain immediate improvement in service, speed and scalability while realizing reduced costs. They achieve all of this while continuing to maintain a conservative approach to risk. For them, PURE has substantially changed the way they do business.

PURE is also a leading tool for managing risk. PURE accepts external-source information and data from our SoundDecisions tele-underwriting platform to provide immediate decision-placement guidance. PURE also accepts and integrates third-party information — MIB reports, prescription data, MVR and IVR information, and anything else you need — with ease and speed, enabling underwriters to make a “yes” or “no” decision in record time and issue the insured the appropriate coverage.

Because PURE manages internal information, Apptical offers its customers a unique opportunity. PURE provides you with the infrastructure to tie data together with an automated, rules-based approach. The resulting speed and consistency allow for underwriting decisions at the point of sale, which can generate more business and give you a clear competitive advantage.

PURE is much more than an insurance rules quoting/rating engine. It’s a way to underwrite more efficiently, which changes altogether the way you underwrite and sell business.