Providing big advantages in today’s marketplace

Benefits for Carriers and Producers

Carriers that choose our solutions enjoy maximum efficiency and profitability across their entire underwriting and sales-acquisition business. Apptical’s LiveAppSoundDecisions, and PURE, can be combined as a complete suite of underwriting automation tools that make straight-through processing and point-of-sale decision making a reality. Each of our products can be used separately or in combination with your current business systems.

With Apptical’s flagship products, carriers are empowered to achieve these valuable results, regularly and consistently:

Ensured underwriting consistency
Reduced underwriting time & costs
Reduced business-processing costs
Freedom to enter new channels/markets faster
Increased attractiveness to producers
Increased competitive and marketing advantage

Producers also win the rewards because Apptical’s solutions decrease the time, administrative tasks, and general frustrations expressed commonly by producers. This makes carriers who partner with Apptical more attractive to producers, and gives your brokerage leaders and marketing teams a solid competitive advantage.

No other single provider offers what Apptical does. Learn how your company can improve your life insurance sales with customized automation solutions from Apptical®.