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Automated Sales & Underwriting Solutions for the Insurance Industry


How does it work?

Total Instant Fulfillment means you get all your data immediately

Receive decisions in seconds. In today’s world of technology, there is no need to wait anymore. Get 100% of your data delivered immediately upon completion of an application. We’re at the forefront of change in how carriers, agents, and consumers buy and sell insurance. Find out how we are constantly challenging tradition and optimizing for transformation.


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Apptical’s 3 Core Concepts

High Availability

Apptical will be available when agents and life insurance companies need services including evenings and weekends.  Apptical interviewers will connect with incoming calls within 30 seconds on average and make outbound calls within 1 hour of electronic receipt.

Instant Total Fulfillment

Apptical will furnish a set of data that includes every detail in its possession regarding a case.  This data will be delivered immediately and will comply with industry standards.

Cloud Solutions

With Apptical, Insurance companies never have to purchase or support hardware, software, servers, firewalls or power systems.  All Apptical solutions have been delivered via the cloud since 2002, long before “cloud” was a buzzword.