our core solutions

When you sell simplified-issue or final-expense life insurance products, you want to make point-of-sale decision making and closure capability a reality. Or, when you’re focused on selling fully underwritten life insurance products and seek the tools to sell more business, you want to streamline your underwriting decision processes and reduce the costs of acquisition.

Our three flagship products, LiveApp, SoundDecisions, and PURE, are provided to significantly increase speed of issue among carriers offering a wide range of products across all sales channels.

More than ever, Apptical’s customers have gained the ability to extract the maximum value from their unique underwriting procedures — all without jeopardizing risk management. And so can you.

No other single solution provider offers a comparable suite of integrated solutions designed to transform the way insurance companies and their producers work together to close more business and be more profitable.

Apptical’s Telesales Platform is the industry-leading turnkey platform solution for online insurance telephone sales. This complete provision is available for immediate use. Taking the best methods for online & realtime applicant qualification and leveraging the advantages of web-based speed, Apptical’s streamlines the entire process, cutting costs and saving valuable time for both you and your clients.