Our Complete Turn-Key Offering

Apptical’s Telesales Platform is the industry-leading turnkey platform solution for online insurance telephone sales and Telegibility. Taking the best methods for online & real-time applicant qualification and leveraging the advantages of web-based speed, Apptical streamlines the entire process, cutting costs and saving valuable time for both you and your clients. We are changing the way insurance companies do business. With significant reductions in errors, costs and risks, you will quickly see the merit and the substantial value added to your bottom line.

Here’s how it works. Begin with LiveApp e-app to accurately collect the demographics and policy type information thereby preventing ‘not-in-good order’ (NIGO). Follow that with your SoundDecisions PHI medical interview & voice signature, then arrive with our PURE rules engine decision approval, all at the point of sale. And your back-end office then receives complete instant fulfillment of all your application data.

With Apptical’s Telesales Platform, you no longer have to wait days for everything to process. Because Apptical’s Telesales Platform provides end-to-end straight through processing, your team will have the ease and power that today’s IT world has to offer.

Why wait days for everything to process? Instead, simply launch your product with Apptical’s Telesales Platform, and you are leading the sales process, instead of following it.