Powerful tools for underwriting

Leveraging Apptical®’s solutions doesn’t require a compromise in risk management. Our solutions can be customized to work with underwriters’ unique rules and guidelines. MIB information; MVR, IVR and pharmaceutical records; and other important third-party data are quickly, consistently and accurately verified.

Whether you’re underwriting fully underwritten simplified-issue or final-expense products, or a combination of them, no other single partner provides underwriters with a complete, customizable suite of sales-to-underwriting automation solutions designed to meet your unique underwriting needs and help achieve your goals.

Reduce sales cycle time
Minimize loss ratios
Maximize profits
Gain straight-through processing
Real-time 3rd party data
Consistent decisioning

No other single provider offers a comparable suite of integrated solutions designed to transform the way underwriters work and succeed in today’s marketplace.

Learn how your company can improve your life insurance sales business with a customized underwriting-automation solution from Apptical®.