Apptical is the leading provider of sales and underwriting automation technology to the life insurance industry.

Through the power of our three cutting-edge underwriting automation solutions, clients across a comprehensive list of products and distribution channels are now getting tele-underwriting decisions in seconds, improving their placement rates and making true point-of-sale closure capability a reality.

No other single automation provider offers a comparable suite of integrated solutions designed to transform the way insurance companies and their producers work together to close more business and be more profitable.


Foresters engaged Apptical in the underwriting process for PlanRight, a whole life product that helps families with final expenses. This enabled us to design our product with a sentinel effect to lower mortality assumptions compared to some of our competitors. In addition, Apptical has been able to keep call length and cost per call within our expense target, which has helped Foresters meet specific pricing assumptions.

Michael Ahles, Vice President of Insurance Operations, Foresters

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